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       Lines to Designs LLC, is a building design company geared specifically towards the dairy industry. Our knowledge and experience with-in the dairy industry allows us to understand the unique requirements of the modern dairy farm. 

We use the latest 3D Computer-Aided Design Software to create your Dairy Design and create a 3D virtual model of your facility.

The complete 3D model allows enhanced understanding of the building structure as well as allowing for complete visual understanding of how the final project will look.

We work directly for Dairymen, Contractors or Equipment Suppliers as part of a team effort in the design and detailing of your Dairy project. 


Our 3D models can be shared within the team so that everyone can fully understand the projects design. 


The 3D model allows everyone to identify possible areas of concern way before any concrete is ever poured on site. 


Please contact us with any questions regarding our services, or to receive samples of some of our work.   or   970-590-9685


Lines to Designs LLC, works with you and your team to take your vision and turn it into something concrete!